Stable, tear-proof, vibration-proof and wear-resistant, the self-tapping threaded inserts from Norelem – the global components specialist – are ideal for many different applications. These include metal and plastics processing industries through to the craftsmanship trade.

Norelem’s threaded inserts can cut their own mating thread when screwing with light metals and plastics, whereas other threaded inserts would need a pre-moulded thread. Their key benefit is that they form a resilient connection with the base material and provide a high pull-out strength. This means they offer better resistance from being pulled out of the base material when loosening threaded connections.

Marcus Schneck, CEO of Norelem, said: “Threaded inserts are used daily by engineers, especially in workpieces that need to be constantly disassembled and reassembled.

“As these components are an important facet to many engineering applications, it is imperative that they are durable, they do not loosen, and they mate well with the base material. That’s why as well as the classic threaded inserts, Norelem also offer the self-tapping versions with thread sizes from M3 to M16, which are available in several lengths too.”

Manufactured either from case-hardened steel (trivalent yellow passivated) or stainless- steel, Norelem’s range of threaded inserts can be used with many materials. These include aluminium, brass, bronze, cast iron, thermoset and thermoplastics.

They also cater for materials with lower hardness and shear strength, providing the necessary stability and long-term wear resistance. As well as this, the components are also corrosion resistant and are designed to withstand harsh operating environments.

The conical-shaped threaded inserts with cutting slot in principle have the effect to constrict slightly at the top when screwed in, allowing scrap material to be distributed evenly - depending on the dimension of the pilot hole and the hardness of the base material.

Norelem’s self-tapping threaded inserts can be quickly and easily installed through pre-drilled locating holes. Hand installation tools are available for small volumes, while machine installation tools are better for mass production and efficiency, all of which can be obtained through Norelem’s catalogue, THE BIG GREEN BOOK.

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